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    High-end customized steel
    cabinets supplier for 12 years

    Provide reasonable solutions according to the needs of

    different storage cabinet scenarios

    • 1

      Intelligent steel cabinet solution

      Multi-terminal platform, RFID smart application
    • 2

      Medical steel cabinet solution

      Operating room behavior management, medical staff daily storage application
    • 3

      Office steel cabinet/ Mobile shelves solution

      Customized solutions for steel cabinets
    • 4

      Customized solutions for steel cabinets

    Focus on high-end storage with

    optional various styles

    Steel cabinet customization

    product category

    Smart steel cabinet

    • Smart locker
    • Intelligent turnover cabinet
    • Intelligent message box
    • RFID tool cabinet
    • RFID filing cabinet

    Medical steel cabinet

    • RFID high value consumables cabinet
    • Operating room behavior management system

    Office steel cabinet

    customized steel


    Face recognition smart storage cabinet
    Application: internal+external staff use
    Functions: swipe face, swipe card, mobile phone
    Advantages: strong multi-system compatibility, integrated platform management
    1. Simple

    2. Multi-terminal

    3. Face

    4. Smart

    5. Sensitive

    6. See more

    Cabinet" is of high quality,
    "smart" in design
    13 refined production processes, refined

    Excellent design
    and ergonomics

    smoothly and efficiency
    fastly use

    Small gaps, delicate
    and exquisite

    Control the details through
    a meticulous process

    Strong load-bearing
    selection of tough
    and good steel Material

    Purchased from well-known
    Ansteel/Liugang manufacturers

    Many styles for

    Tailor-made steel cabinets
    for individual needs

    Cooperation Steps

    Focus on R&D and customized production

    of high-end steel cabinets

    Seek innovation and subversion in the industry to create high-end storage space

      15 high end designers on standby
      We have 15 high-end design and production talents with the background of Hong Kong funded enterprises, providing door-to-door inspection service, which can meet your professional high-end steel cabinet customization service; More than ten years of steel cabinet industry precipitation, can provide reasonable suggestions for many medical, government and other institutions;
      Our own R & D team has won many patents
      Key office has a group of professional R & D team of steel cabinet, and has established long-term strategic cooperation with high-quality software development enterprises. According to the long-term research on the behavior of users, it has jointly improved the R & D of new products and won a number of patent certification
      Self owned production base, sound production and processing equipment
      Jiante Office Furniture Co., Ltd. has 20000 square meters of plant, modern management mode, production control, the introduction of advanced steel cabinet production and processing equipment, such as CNC plate shear, CNC punch, laser machine, and equipped with its own fully automatic plastic spraying line
      Strict real-time testing can provide product testing report
      Selected raw materials, purchased from domestic well-known Angang and Liugang manufacturers, ensure the load-bearing capacity of steel cabinet, at the same time has strict real-time detection standards, ensure the quality of key special intelligent steel cabinet, and provide relevant product detection reports according to the demand
      Door to door debugging, installation and perfect after-sales service system
      Key office is equipped with a perennial engineering installation team, which can skillfully and efficiently assemble high-quality medical steel cabinet and intelligent storage cabinet for you, and provide you with professional training and explanation; Have a professional after-sales team, can provide you with technical support in time

    Modern Smart Locker Display Case

    To focus on quality assurance and service to improve the product

    • Frid high value consumables management cabinet
    • Vivo deposit cabinet
    • Spare parts cabinet of Guangzhou Metro
    • Huawei intelligent spare parts cabinet
    • locker
    • Filing cabinet
    • Smart archives
    • Internet security cabinet
    • Shantou mobile file exchange cabinet
    • Intelligent fresh cabinet

    Focus on Brand: Guangzhou Jeanter

    Meet the one-stop purchase of high-end steel cabinets for all enterprises

    Jeanter has advanced laser cutting equipment, CNC equipment,energy-saving environmentally friendly and renewable material combustion coating production lines. we also have excellent design, R&D and manufacturing talents and a senior production management team. Our products are made of excellent steel materials.our main product series are dense shelves, filing cabinets, bookshelves, countertop cabinets, rolling door cabinets, drawer cabinets, drawing cabinets, storage cabinets, apartment beds, shelves, smart logistics cabinets, fresh cabinets and other products.........
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